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  • 503. Oi Ocha


    Oi Ocha is the best-selling brand for Japanese tea Drinks.Brewed from premium Japanese loose tea leaves
    Oi Ocha has no sugars or artificial sweeteners, flavoring or coloring.


  • 516. Calpico


    Calpico has a light, milky, slightly acidic flavor, similar to plain or vanilla flavored yogurt.


  • 517. Ramune


    Ramune is a lemon lime flavored carbonated drink that is sealed with a marble. To enjoy the drink, please use the included plastic piece to push the marble into the neck of the bottle.


  • 551. Sparkling water


    Sparkling water


  • 511. Diet Coke


    Coca Cola


  • 512. Diet Coke


    Diet Coke


  • 595. Sprite




  • 518. Matcha Iced tea


    Enjoy a delicious Matcha Iced Tea crafted with green tea powder made from Japan’s treasured matcha, finely milled from high quality green tea leaves. 


  • 593. Kokuto Matcha Iced Latte


    Enjoy a delicious Matcha Iced Tea crafted with green tea powder made from Japan’s treasured matcha, finely milled from high quality green tea leaves. Serve with whipped cream and brown sugar syrup.


  • 504. Sen Cha Hot Tea

    (Pot for 2-3)


    A timeless classic, Sen Cha has been a favorite loose leaf tea in Japan for hundreds of years. It’s characterized by a fresh grassy aroma and a mild sweetness that’s balanced by a slight underlying bitterness.


  • 505. Matcha Genmai Cha Hot Tea (Pot for 2-3)


    Matcha Genmai Cha is a blend of Matcha, deep-steamed tea leaves, and roasted rice, which gives it a deep body, nutty fragrance, and mildly sweet flavor. Genmai Cha is one of Japan's most popular varieties. 


  • 507. Hoji Cha Hot Tea

    (Pot for 2-3)


    Carefully roasted green tea leaves and stems produce this caramel-colored tea. Unlike it’s greener counterparts, 
    Hoji Cha is not grassy, but instead has an earthy, woody flavor with a strong toasty aroma


  • 508. Sakura Sen Cha Hot Tea (Pot for 2-3)


    Taste spring every day of the year with Sakura Sen Cha, a blend of traditional Japanese favorites. The sweet taste and the aroma of the cherry blossom petals and leaves compliment the smooth taste of the rich Sen Cha.


Alcoholic Drink

  • 540. Asahi Super Dry



    With its refreshing barley flavor and crisp aftertaste, Asahi Super Dry is by far the most popular high-quality beer in Japan

    SM $5.00 / LG $6.50

  • 566. Sapporo Draft Beer


    Sapporo brews premium lagers using the highest-quality ingredients we can find giving each of our beers our signature crisp, refreshing flavor and clean finish

    SM $5.00 / LG $6.50

  • 581. Sapporo Premium Light


    Smooth, refreshing and well-balanced with fewer calories than Sapporo Premium Beer (110 calories, ABV 3.9%)

    12oz $5.00

  • 578. Junmai Hatsumago


    Light, smooth, crisp and clean finish. Great palate cleanser. This sake is very unique, and very difficult to create

    Glass $8 / Carafe $22 / Bottle $50

  • 579. Ginjo Okunomatsu


    Soft and smooth entry. A wonderfully balanced, classical styled Ginjo. Wide range of flavor, depth and clean finish

    Glass $8 / Carafe $22 / Bottle $50

  • 570. Aizu Homare Junmai Daiginjo


    It releases a refreshing, fruity aroma. Its beautifully dry taste overflows with elegant sweetness and crisp quality

    Glass $13 / Carafe $40 / Bottle $90

  • 577. Champion Sake Tasting

    Flight (1.5oz x3)


    Junmai Hatsumago, Ginjo Okunomatsu, Aizu Homare Junmai Daiginjo Black Label


  • 700. YAYOI Sake Lychee Martini


    YAYOI Sake, lychee


  • 704. Sparkling Sake PEACH


    Fresh peach flavor bursts with every sip. This sparkling sake is fruity, light, and delightful.(250ml)


  • 703. Sparkling Sake YUZU


    Wonderfully balanced Yuzu, citrus flavor surrounded with tiny, tight bubbles. Refreshingly delicious and mildly sweet.(250ml)


  • 702.Sparkling Sake FLOWER


    Tiny tight bubbles with a slightly sweet flavor refreshes the palate. Light in alcohol.(250ml)


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